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Founder and Principal

As a senior executive, Charles has led strategic organizational change, supported divisional startups, and directed complex reorganizations. As an executive coach and consultant, he has focused on individual skills and behaviors that achieve both personal and organizational success.  Charles is collaborative, yet possess an individually focused style. He understands the internal dynamics of business operations and aligns work with key business objectives.


Much of his career has focused on diversity, feedback, coaching, and leadership development. Charles has introduced competency models for talent attraction, compensation, and performance management; facilitated a 360 feedback process for senior executives and implemented executive pre-employment assessments.  His focus on results within a business context allows him to advise organizations on operational effectiveness.  He has developed competitive total rewards programs and performance management systems that attract, motivate, and retain talent.


Most recently, Charles served as Vice President of Human Resources & Diversity for Guitar Center. Previously, he was Senior Vice President, Human Resources for bebe stores, inc., a vertical contemporary fashion retailer where he held several diverse and progressive roles including Head of HR for a start-up and head of Total Rewards and Engagement.



Corporate Strategy & Organizational Development

As an alumna of the prestigious Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management, Blue specializes in corporate strategy, change management, and organizational development. With a background in adult education, facilitation, and coaching, her consulting always stems from a human capital foundation. Blue excels at both the people and theoretical sides of organizational development. She is a data-driven market and industry analyst, strategic planner, and project manager who specializes in aligning overarching strategy with individual development plans for front-line staff. She understands even the best theoretical models won’t work unless the people executing the strategy understand the need for change and feel supported in their new roles.


From the staffing perspective, Blue has experience with individual talent development, performance management, and knowledge capital. From the business perspective, she has experience in program implementation, diversity and inclusion, and international growth. She has had the privilege of developing both private and non-profit organizations and prides herself in her social and economic development expertise. Through various volunteer positions, mentoring roles, and committee seats, Blue has a strong network of philanthropic and social advancement organizations.



Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Amina Zamani is the coach that teaches leaders how to coach others. Her work is designed to help professionals advance in both their personal life and career. She has been a professional coach for 12 years, specializing in executive leadership focused on three core pillars: leadership development, dissolving personal blockages to transform value-based leaders and navigating conflict with empathy and compassion. Often her work cascades to the teams surrounding leaders, encompassing areas such as sales engagement, training, and manager effectiveness.


Amina comes with a diversity of training and education, including a certification from the International Coach Federation, certification at the highest level of neuro-linguistic programming and she is certified as a Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Amina’s experience includes corporate workshops, facilitated discussions and serving as a keynote speaker. She has coached leaders in companies such as: Google, Twitter, Intuit and Oracle.


Amina also has a professional background in business, particularly in the tech industry, with expertise in client success and sales. She brings this unique balance of business understanding to coaching in a way that enriches the lives of professionals comprehensively. She provides actionable solutions that help leaders learn how to develop their surrounding organizations, communities, and personal relationships. Top professionals seek out Amina because they recognize the valuable ripple effect of her methods -- the results not only help the individual leader, they extend to the teams and surrounding personal network.



Project Management

Curtis has more than 20 years of project management experience.  He has the demonstrable ability to solve challenges by digging down to the details, then simplifying the variables until the solution presents itself. He's had the opportunity to work on and deliver several projects and programs as both a business and technical lead; knowing how to marry these two disciplines to produce quality results. He excels at building and leading cross-functional teams; empowering them to reach their full potential while working within timeline and budget constraints.


Some of his areas of focus have included the development of enterprise mobile and web applications and services, implementing business and operations process improvements, incorporating in change management, proving executive presentations and updates, and effectively engaging with stakeholders.


Most recently, Curtis launched a personal media management startup, Project Memories.  Before entrepreneurialism, he served a project and program manager for Fortune 100 companies such as Apple where he served as a Retail Solutions Manager, a Project and Product Manager of store web applications, services, and new product launches.  Previously, he served as a Senior Marketing Manager for Cisco where he focused on demonstrations for retail vertical and cross-architecture solutions and Gap Inc. where his areas of focus were related to project management and business analysis of global store operational, technical solutions.